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Predators of Press Freedom Welcomed in the U.S.

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Paris, France — The media watchdog issued a statement on Saturday saying that Trump had meeting with leaders of the world's most repressive countries for journalists visited the United States this week.

"President Trump was quick to take action on Thursday night against a chemical attack on civilians that was likely perpetrated by the Syrian government," said the paris based world media watchdog "Reporters Without Borders."

"However, he remained tight-lipped when two leaders of the world's most repressive countries for journalism visited the United States this week." 

"It seems unlikely that blatant press freedom violations in Egypt and China were raised during Trump's meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping or Egyptian President el-Sisi. So, we at Reporters Without Borders (RSF) have taken it upon ourselves to do so," the RSF statement added.

Journalists are constantly under threat in Egypt. Since 2014, President el-Sisi has waged an all out war against the media. Under an anti-terrorism law adopted in August 2015, journalists are obliged on national security grounds to report only the official version of "terrorist" attacks. In other words, the media are legally incapable of reporting violent attacks on civilians unless el-Sisi approves, giving him complete control over the spread of information. Journalists are frequently accused of disseminating false information when they criticize the government, which leads to self-censorship amongst journalists for fear of being prosecuted or imprisoned. Egypt ranks a paltry 159 out of 180 countries on RSF's 2016 World Press Freedom Index, with at least 24 journalists and citizen journalists in prison at this time. 

Under President Xi Jinping, the Communist Party exercises complete control over China's many media outlets. Independent journalists are often harassed and jailed under charges such as "making unauthorized criticisms" of the government or the President. Added to RSF's list of press freedom predators as soon as he became president, Xi is the world's leading censor of criticism on the Internet. RSF has counted at least 21 journalists and 81 citizen journalists/bloggers that are currently imprisoned, making China the world's worst jailer of both citizen and professional journalists with more than 100 in total currently detained. Ranked 176th out of 180 on RSF's Index, China has one of the most dismal records of press freedom on the planet. 

"We at RSF pledge to stand up to these press freedom predators. Donate to RSF and push back against media censorship in all corners of the globe," RSF further said.

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